What to Bring to my Tax Appointment

 Income Reporting Documents

  •  W-2’s (wages from employer)
  • Form(s) 1095-A or B (Affordable Care Act)
  •  1099-Int (interest income)
  •  1099-Div (dividend income)
  •  1099-R (pensions, annuities, IRA distributions)
  •  W-2g’s (gambling winnings)
  •  1099-g’s (unemployment & state tax refunds)
  •  1099-misc (self employment, prizes, gifts, rents, royalties)
  •  1099-c (cancellation of debt) 1099-a  (abandonment of property)
  •  1099-SSA (social security benefits received)
  •  1099-RRB (railroad retirement benefits received)
  •  1099-B (consolidated brokerage statement)
  •  1098 (mortgage interest & taxes paid on your home) Bring closing Escrow statements on any homes you may have sold, purchased or refinanced.
  • 1098-T (tuition payments received by educational institution)
  • 1098-E (student loan interest paid to financial institutions)

IF you are a new client it would be helpful to bring your prior years return in case you have any carryover capital losses, carryover passive losses, contributions, etc. In addition we can gather relevant information to set up your profile (children’s SSN’s, etc).

Modern Social Security card.

Don’t forget your social security cards.

 Taxes are prepared interactively with you present so I can make a list of anything you forget and print it or email it to you. The return is stored in the computer until it is complete so it is never a problem if you forget something.
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